Advan Oni2 - 14"

The debut of the ONI2 revives the triangle design of the original the ADVAN wheel and brings it back to the present day. 

The new concept 14- and 15-inch sizes target mainly K-cars and small cars. 1-piece model with step rims. Standard design of 15-inch wheels is set at 5J-6J, with the GTR design at 6.5J-8J; and in the same way, the standard design of 14-inch wheels is set up to 5J-6J +45, with GTR design at 6J +38-7J. Two faces are standardized, with different rim depths to accommodate different designs and sizes of brake discs. The vintage design, with features like square nut holes and a carved logo on the disc surface, clearly reflects this wheel’s lineage. The carved logo was engraved with a 3D processing machine. “ADVAN Racing FLOW FORMING JAPAN MADE” logo was also printed on the rim using the thermal-transfer method.

Oni2 are available in the following colors: Machining & Diamond Cut, Machining & Black Gun Metallic, Machining & Champagne Gold, Machining & Racing Candy Red.

Wheel is priced individually.