Advan Racing RCIII - 18"

Engineered for Excellence in Motorsports

The ADVAN Racing RCIII wheels are meticulously crafted for rallying, dirt trials, and other demanding motorsport activities. Differentiating from the RCII's five-spoke design, the RCIII models feature ten spokes, aimed at dispersing impact more smoothly and enhancing performance under extreme conditions. Notably, these wheels contributed to the victory in the 2009 All Japan Rally (JRC).

The one-piece forge-cast process combines flow-forming production with YOKOHAMA's advanced casting technology, ensuring optimal lightness and strength. Designed to withstand rigorous forces, these wheels are available in gold and white, with a high-quality three-coat, three-bake process and a clear anti-pitting top coat.

The 15-inch wheels are designated as Super Gravel, ideal for gravel rally stages, while the 17- and 18-inch wheels are designated as Super Tarmac, perfect for tarmac rally stages. The ADVAN Racing RCIII logotype is heat-printed around the nut holes, and the ADVAN Racing logos are cast between the spokes in 1mm high, unfinished letters. The capless design allows for the separate availability of ADVAN Racing caps.


  • Cast 1pc Wheel
  • Valve Stems Included


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