Advan Racing TC III - 18"

These wheels are designed to be used without centre caps. ADVAN Racing CAPs are optional.

A hallmark of ADVAN Racing wheels is the embossed logo cut into the lettering surfaces. And with the debut of the TCII wheels, all wheel centres are milled, and a specially designed bit is used to drill the nut holes, bringing out the full brilliance of the milled aluminium. TCIII wheels were designed with circuit racing foremost in mind. Attention to detail is a matter of pride with the ADVAN Racing brand, and we spare no time or effort to finish every detail on every wheel.

Appealing concave spoke designs were realized because we limited them to sizes with wide rims. The outstanding rim profile of the TCII wheels is especially visible from this angle. The drop necessary to mount the tires rises nearly straight up to the full 18-inch rim line. The rim profile, strongly reminiscent of racing wheels, allows these wheels to accommodate oversize callipers and rotors.

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