Advan RS-DF Progressive - 18x10.5 +24 5x114.3 - Racing Titanium Black *Set of 4*

RS-DF Progressive adopted the same rim form as the GT-19-inch, a racing rim profile that can accept large braking systems.

It has five choices of concave spokes, ranging from Concave-1 to Concave-5, it is the same as the GT 19-inch models.

The spokes are side cut on both sides using the “advanced side cut” process.

19inch RS-DF Progressive still have logos of ADVAN Racing, FORGED machined on the their center part, the same as 18inch models.

The anti-tire-slip feature makes sure the tires stay put no matter what, and it’s standard on all sizes.

The 10-spoke design of RS-DF wheels show superior stress dispersal, giving them an advantage in weight compared to GT 19inch.


Front: 18x10.5 +24 5x114.3 (Concave-5)

Rear: 18x10.5 +24 5x114.3 (Concave-5)

Color: Racing Titanium Black

Includes valve stem and spoke sticker.

Fitment: EVO X / Widebody STI/WRX. Will fit a variety of other cars as well. Please conduct research prior to ordering.

Actual product may vary. Pictures used for marketing purposes only.

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