Advan RZ-F2 - 18x9.5 +12 5x114.3 Racing Titanium Blue & Ring

The new ADVAN Racing RZ-F2 is a sports wheel that was developed to take this genre to new heights.

Among the ADVAN Racing brand, the cast RZII shares the limelight with the forged GT. The RZII's sophisticated design, specific to casting method, is the basis for a brand new design called the RZ-F2. This is the first newly changed model since the introduction of the RZ-DF eight years ago. The RZ-DF was a forged wheel with deep rims, based on the first-generation RZ twin-spoke design. These wheels, however, mark a departure from the deep rim design, and for the first time in ADVAN Racing brand history, a forged wheel with a full-face design is adopted. In other words, the development was aimed at creating a wheel to match the forged RZII. The F in RZ-F2 means "forged," of course, but the "deep rim" D of RZ-DF is not used.

Size: 18x9.5 +12 5x114.3

Color: Racing Titanium Blue & Ring

Fitment: Evo VIII / Evo IX / Evo X

Includes valve stems.

Wheel is priced individually.


Actual product may vary. Pictures used for marketing purposes only.