Project Kics

Project Kics Leggdura Racing 2-piece Shell - 35mm Lugnuts and Locks (CL35)

This unique two piece design includes a chromoly SCM435 alloy nut and lock with Steel key. A Duralumin shell screws on with a the provided ABS key which significantly reduces the chance of the Duralumin shell to be scratched when installing or removing the lug nuts.

  • Thread size: M12xP1.50 or M12xP1.25
  • Total length: 35mm
  • Shell type lock set is included
  • Steel cores provide excellent strength and durability
  • Special plastic adapter (19mm hex) prevents scratching when for removing aluminum shell for hand tightening
  • Included : 16pc lug nuts + 4 lock nuts + 17mm HEX & 21mm HEX key adapters
  • Style Options Include : Closed End 35mm
  • Anodized Color Options : Red, Black, Gold, and Blue
  • Typically in stock! Contact us for immediate availability!