Gram Lights

Gram Lights 57Trans-X Rev Limit Edition - 20"

REV LIMIT EDITION has been added as a limited-time specification to the 57Trans-X, a wheel for Hiace and 4WD, which draws the blood of 57Transcend, the flagship model of Gram Lights. While maintaining the lightweight and high rigidity of 57Transcend, the combination of the red line on the black body, which is the traditional time attack color, has been further evolved, and the coating method E-pro Cort that electrically colors only the cutting portion is used for the outer periphery of the rim. Not only the machining logo on the spoke side is also colored. The size lineup is the same as the normal color, but it is also an option, but we also have a new color center cap that matches REV LIMIT EDITION.

Color: Black & Machining / E-Pro Coat

Includes valve stems, center cap sold separately.

Wheel is priced individually.