Gram Lights

Gram Lights Azure 57ANA - 20"

The design concept of AZURE 57ANA is to express the next-generation stereoscopic effect even in narrow size.

From the front, it is a rim-over type 2x5 spoke, but the expression changes completely the moment you change the viewing angle. It is a high-dimensional fusion of newly adopted (first in the industry) machining and diamond cutting, and a continuous cutting process as a design on 2D and 3D surfaces. As a result, the center part changes its facial expression depending on the viewing angle. Not only that, but the design that emphasizes the vertical cross section of the spokes is also emphasized to create a three-dimensional effect. In addition, the RBC color with sputtering specifications makes the shape of the wheel stand out more by the shadow created by the reflection of light, and it has a luxurious finish that is different from the hybrid machining model.

Color: Super Dark Gunmetal / Shining Silver / RBC

Includes valve stem, and center cap.

Wheel is priced individually.