HKS Suspension Error Canceller (for EDC) - 2017+ FK8 Civic Type R

**Available for pre-order**

HKS has tested their coilovers and noticed a check light appears when remove the OEM shocks to aftermarket coilovers. This fix deletes the check light via an easy plug & play module. 

  • Honda Civic Type R [FK8] (2017, 2018, 2019)
  • Removes the Adaptive Dampening System Dash Light
  • Specifically designed for the Civic Type R FK8
  • Made in Japan
  • (45012-AH001)
  • Hide the error of the variable damper system shown in the meter.


  • SEC Type H is able to work even after upgrading the variable damper system control unit.
  • With the provided installation harness, no wiring modification is required to install this unit.
  • Connect the main unit between the variable damper system control unit and the vehicle harness using the SEC harness.
    Mount the main unit of SEC Type H using a double-sided tape and tie wrap.
  • Installation may require approximately 30 minutes.