M12x1.5 Stud Conversion Kit for WRX / STI / GR86 / BRZ / FRS / GT86

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Thanks to ARP Automotive Products, we are now able to offer this highly-requested upgrade for Subaru WRX / STI / GR86 / BRZ / FRS / GT86 owners, whom suffer from the factory M12x1.25 fine thread pitch.

Optimized Thread Pitch: The factory standard M12x1.25 threading found on Subaru WRX / STI / BRZ + Toyota GR86 / GT86 + Scion FRS can be too fine, leading to potential issues such as stripping or cross-threading. This M12x1.5 press-in stud conversion kit offers a coarser M12x1.5 thread pitch, providing a more robust and secure fastening solution.

Enhanced Durability: Engineered by ARP, a trusted name in high-performance fasteners, our stud conversion kit is crafted from premium materials to ensure durability under the most demanding driving conditions. Upgrade with confidence, knowing your vehicle is equipped with top-tier components.

Quick Lugnut Engagement: The M12x1.5 thread pitch allows for quicker lugnut engagement, reducing the time spent on wheel installation. With fewer threads per inch, you can achieve a faster and more efficient lugnut engagement process, streamlining your overall maintenance routine.

Wider Lugnut Compatibility: M12x1.5 is a more common thread pitch, providing you with a broader selection of lugnuts to choose from. This versatility allows you to customize your vehicle's appearance and performance with ease, selecting lugnuts that suit your style and preferences.


  • Subaru WRX (02-2022+)
  • Subaru STI (04-2022+)
  • Toyota GR86 (2022+)
  • Subaru BRZ (2012-2022+)
  • Scion FRS (2012-2017)
  • Toyota GT86 (2017+)
  • + More

Package Contents:

  • High-strength ARP M12x1.5 studs, Extended Version (5pcs)
  • ARP wheel studs are ~1" longer than standard studs allowing for more thread engagement. Open ended lug nuts are recommended for this setup. Each kit set comes with 5 studs. A car with 4 wheels requires 4 sets.