Project Kics

Project Kics Leggdura Racing 2-piece Shell - 53mm Lugnuts and Locks (RL53/CL53) (Open/Closed End)

The Kics Leggdura Racing 2-Piece Shell 53mm Lugnuts and Locks are the ultimate lugnuts for drivers seeking a hybrid setup that performs well on the track and looks great at shows and on the street! 

The SCM435 Alloy Steel Base lug is tough and durable, perfect for track days and resistant to any weather or road condition. They come included with 4 locks with unique patterns to prevent any wheel theft.

The Anodized Aluminum Caps fit on top to provide a high quality finish for shows and general street driving. Due to the design all caps are closed ended, so extended studs will not work irregardless of the style you choose.

This unique two piece design includes a chromoly SCM435 alloy nut and lock with Steel key. A Duralumin shell screws on with a the provided ABS key which significantly reduces the chance of the Duralumin shell to be scratched when installing or removing the lug nuts.

RL53 – Open Ended Style
CL53 – Closed Ended Style

Price is for a FULL SET of Lugs.

  • Thread size: M12xP1.50 or M12xP1.25
  • Total length: 53mm
  • Shell type lock set is included
  • Steel cores provide excellent strength and durability
  • Special plastic adapter (19mm hex) prevents scratching when for removing aluminum shell for hand tightening
  • Included : 16pc lug nuts + 4 lock nuts + 17mm HEX & 21mm HEX key adapters
  • Style Options Include : Open End 53mm or Closed End 53mm
  • Anodized Color Options : Red, Black, Gold, and Blue
  • Typically in stock! Contact us for immediate availability!