Project Kics

Project Kics Leggdura Racing Lug Nuts - 14x1.5 (20 pcs)

Derived from the Italian word "Leggero" (meaning lightweight), these lugs from Project Kics weight a mere 19g per lug. Using forged A7075-T6 duralumin, Kics was able to design a strong lightweight 35mm lug nut where function and form matters.

Note: Only works on 60 degree tapered (cone seat) after market wheels. Applications: M14x1.5 Vehicles (most notably the 2018+ Honda Civic Type R FK8)


  • Made of forged A7075-T6 duralumin
  • 35mm long x 25mm diameter with a 19mm hex Includes a full set of 20 for 5 lug applications
  • Intended to look and perform great
  • Must be hand tightened to prevent scratches and damage
  • Anodization is susceptible to sun Made in Japan
  • Typically in stock! Contact us for immediate availability!