Volk Racing

Rays Volk Racing G25 Edge - 20x10.5 +24 5x114.3 Mercury Silver

From the G25, which has the best balance of 2x5 spokes, the design has been brushed up to improve the rigidity and performance of each part, such as the vertical cross-sectional width of the spokes and the shape of the joint between the rim and the spokes, without making major changes to the design. As a result, the G25 EDGE has reached a level of rigidity that has never been achieved for a street wheel. At the same time, we thoroughly reduced the wall thickness and thinning to suppress the weight increase as much as possible, and made it as light as the G25. The ultimate one that achieves both rigidity and lightness at a high level and has improved performance to the utmost while maintaining balance. That is the G25 EDGE.

Size: 20x10.5 +24 5x114.3

Color: Mercury Silver

Includes valve stem and center cap.

Wheel is priced individually.


Actual product may vary. Pictures used for marketing purposes only.