Volk Racing

Rays Volk Racing TE37SL Black Edition III - 18x10.5 / +34 / 5x112 - Pressed Black/REDOT *Set of 4*

The Overseas Exclusive model is adding a version three. The base color remains standard while the REDOT machining technology now features a RED accent. Spoke stickers are also updated with two Red colored versions. Available for Japanese and Import sizes with variations in 18 and 19 inch. Color is Pressed Black/Rim REDOT (PR). Air valve and spoke stickers are included with each piece. Optional center caps cannot be fitted with this model.

Size: 18x10.5 +34 5x112 Pressed Black / REDOT *Set of 4*

Color: Pressed Black/REDOT

Includes valve stem.

Fitment: A90 Toyota Supra, Squared Track Sizing

Wheel is priced as a Set of 4. 


Concave Face + OEM Brake clearance.

Actual product may vary. Pictures used for marketing purposes only.