Rays Engineering

Rays Volk TE37 Saga - 18x11 +37 5x120 / 18x9.5 +33 5x120 (F5 Concave Front / F4 Concave Rear) - Aggressive FK8 Type R Fitment *Set of 4*


Rays Volk TE37 Saga - 18x11 +37 5x120 (Face 5 concave) / 18x9.5 +33 5x120 (Face 4 concave) - Aggressive FK8 Type R Fitment *Set of 4*

  • Previously, FK8 Civic Type R owners were only able to achieve Face 3 concave with the TE37 Saga model while maintaining brake clearance. We have helped create this batch to bring Face 5 concavity for FK8 Type R owners! 
  • Note: Please keep in mind that this spec is very aggressive and will require extensive modification to fit on a street car. This was designed to help owners fit a 295-sized tire up front on the FK8 Type R platform. Reverse-staggered fitment, catered to track enthusiasts. Coilovers may be required for inner strut clearance. Fender modification is also required, as well as a track alignment.
  • System Motorsports Batch Exclusive Sizing
  • Civic Type R (FK8) Exclusive Spec
  • Valvestems included!