Volk Racing

Volk Racing G16 - 20"

The latest addition to the VOLK RACING G series, the G16 model, stands out distinctly among the numerous mesh design wheels available. Its design is meticulously crafted, incorporating non-stress lines commonly used in the production of racing wheels to achieve its unique silhouette.

The primary focus in wheel design is the ability to effectively receive and disperse input from the road, enhancing grip and minimizing stress. The G16's design accomplishes this by combining smooth curves that prevent stress buildup in any one area with finely woven lines, resulting in truly non-stress lines. These soft, freehand-like lines are skillfully blended into a curved composition that exudes elegance, defying the conventional notion of racing wheels.

The eight-intersection cross-spoke design, in tandem with these non-stress lines, effectively diffuses stress, improving turning ability, driving stability, and overall drivability. The result is a wheel that provides sharp and smooth handling response to the driver. Additionally, the carefully chosen offset settings create a beautiful arch and a three-dimensional design that changes its appearance depending on the viewing angle. This design versatility yields various expressions, such as a clean-cut look when viewed head-on, a substantial appearance from a 30-degree angle, and dynamic visuals from a 50-degree perspective.

Enthusiasts who appreciate the world of sports car tuning will undoubtedly recognize and appreciate the beauty and performance enhancements brought by the VOLK RACING G series G16. While equipping the G16 may not increase a vehicle's horsepower, it undeniably elevates the racing experience, adding a genuine sense of racing spirit to every drive.


Standard Color: Matte Gunblack/Rim Edge DC (MK) / Shining Black Metal (HM)

Special Colors: Diamond Silver (DS) / Blast Bronze (BB) / Gunmetal (GM) / Gold (GO) / Matte Blue Gunmetal (GB) / Black (BK) / Matte Black (MB) / Diamond Black (DB) / Dash White (DW) / Mag Blue (BL) / Red (RE)

Hyper Colors: Hyper Blue (HL) / Hyper Red (HR) / Racing Green (IG)

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