Volk Racing

Volk Racing GT090 - 21"

VOLK RACING introduces the new series "GT" 21-inch forged model GT090 so that tire manufacturers can provide suitable grip and security for power performance exceeding 600ps and hyper sports driven by 4 wheels.

The infinitely thin spokes were developed based on wheels for the FIA ​​GT3 class. While paying close attention to the stress of the input value we have advanced the thinning, and the design that realizes a massive volume by focusing on rigidity in the fastening part has solved the trade-off between lightness and high strength.

The 0 (ZERO series) adopted from TE037 boasts a waitless hole on the side of the spoke. The total number of 27 through holes is not only an expression of advancedness, but also an optimal shape that has been repeatedly piled up for strength analysis to determine the necessary parts, contributing to lightweight distribution of stress. Blast black, which is set as the color suitable for this wheel, shows the daringness, and the super bright color that is expressed by painting and baking over 5 layers expresses the elegance.

Includes valve stem and center cap.

Wheel is priced individually. 

Colors: Blast Black / Brightening Metal Dark