Volk Racing

Volk Racing TE037 6061 REDOT 2020 - 18"

Introducing REDOT limited item to 6061. Adopted illegal pitch REDOT that fuses AMT technology and REDOT. At first glance, the design pattern of large, medium and small size MC & REDOT seems strange, but it is possible because it shows REDOT when stationary, low speed, sudden acceleration, TOP speed, deceleration and when the front and back movements are aligned. The beauty that becomes will appear.

The TE037 6061 has been targeted at high-performance middle-class sports vehicles; all facets have been reconstructed, from the size to the materials used. Its performance, achieved after an extremely difficult development process, is of the highest level for A6061 aluminum forged wheels. The 19-inch size boasts of the astounding figure of 8.15 kg because it was designed to meet world-class standards for high-performance middle-class sports vehicles. We also took a price-conscious approach by changing the materials used from extra-super duralumin. Using patented RAYS technology, the spoke-side weightless hole perforated with a five-axis machining processor and the weightless pocket at the spoke end have been inherited from the TE037 DURA to achieve not only lighter weight and better stiffness but also to exude beauty as a functional part. The additional engraving into the spokes of the VOLK RACING ORIGINAL machining logo, which was not added to the TE037 DURA, evolves the appearance with the new surface finish, Matte Gun Black. The gentlemanly exterior hides a fierce interior, expressing a masculine dynamism. This is TE037 6061’s long-cherished desire. The high performance middle class sports vehicle category continues to evolve, held back by nothing, and the VOLK RACING TE037 6061 is the perfect match for such vehicles.

NOTE: Wheel is priced individually.

Color : Diamond Dark Gunmetal / Dark Blue Clear / REDOT (LR)

Wheel comes with Valve Stems and Center Cap.