Volk Racing

Volk Racing TE37 Saga Time Attack Edition - 18"


On the heels of the ZE40 TIME ATTACK EDITION, RAYS' traditional time attack color which we reproduced last year using REDOT, cutting edge technology, RAYS is launching a newly designed time attack model, TE37SAGA, for 2018 ~ 2019.

We redesigned the time attack lines in tune with our traditional six spokes, which provide a sharp look thanks to the attractive layout combining a matte-black disc.
We adopted a glossy crimson color for the time attack lines. Only RAYS with REDOT, our advanced technology, can combine these colors to look perfect at first glance. For VOLK RACING, RAYS continues to evolve the performance and while advancing in surface finishing technology.

TE37SAGA TIME ATTACK EDITION is a limited model.