Volk Racing

Volk Racing TE37 Sonic MD/B - 16"

The VOLK RACING TE37SONIC model debuted in 2015. Focusing on matching with Japan's unique vehicle categories such as B-segment, A-segment, and Kei car, the model was developed with the concept of fully exhibiting sporty performance, high strength, and light weight. With the sole design featuring TE37 4 holes and 100-mm P.C.D. that was conceived to match the concept, the size specifications were pursued from narrow to extremely wide sizes. This configuration fitted perfectly with the TE37's six spokes, and besides, the SONIC's original spoke balance was also designed by making the maximum use of the advantage from the limited 4H-100 P.C.D. specifications. The product has gained many fans since its launch, and the series line-up has extended to the SONIC SL, SONIC CR, and SONIC CR SCHOLARSHIP.

On this occasion, we will launch the SONIC MD/B as the limited-time model through December 2021. As requirements for wheels, high-level basic performance is a top priority, but, in addition to that, a look has great significance especially in the case of street wheels. The model's matte-dark-blue color gives a feel of youth, cheeriness, and vitality. However, if it looks too blue, the color tends to add immaturity to the product. We therefore repeated color blending trials numerous times until we reached the perceptually optimal color. In addition, this color was designed so as to change its tone depending on mood, climate, and time to express various appearances—it sometimes looks vibrant blue, sometimes blackish blue, and so on. These approximate colors can hardly be created with a common blue matte finish. In addition to a manufacturing method to embody performance, a paint and finish to highlight the performance's greatness are undoubtedly also a result of our technological capabilities.

Wheel is priced individually.