Volk Racing

Volk Racing TE37VSL 1920 Limited - 15x10 -25 4x114.3 Pressed Graphite

Among the TE37V limited models, the SL specification, which has been particularly popular and requested for resale, will be introduced after further evolution. The RAYS logo is engraved on the spokes using the patented AMT for the first time under 17 inches, based on the pressed graphite coloring with cutting on the rim and center as in the previous TE37VSL. In addition, the spoke sticker, which can be said to be the identity of "SL", uses a new design. The color is fluorescent yellow, which looks like pressed graphite, which gives it a slightly different impact. Regarding the set size, we also prepared a number of limited model sizes that are not available in regular products, and will appear as an updated version with sharpened parts.

Size: 15x10 -25 4x114.3

Color: Pressed Graphite

Includes valve stems and spoke stickers, center cap sold separately.

Wheel is priced individually.


Actual product may vary. Pictures used for marketing purposes only.