Work Meister M1R- 18"

With a completely redesigned center disk, the brand new WORK Meister S1 R brings a new generation of style while keeping the heritage of the Meister series.

The WORK Meister S1 R is a two piece construction wheel, using low pressure cast center disk with a spun forged step rim barrel.

Due to its two piece design, you can customize offsets within 1mm increments, allowing for fine tuning of wheel fitment. In addition, two piece wheels are stiffer and suitable for track use. As one can expect with WORK Wheels, there is a wide range of widths and customization options to choose from


Width range: 16×6.0~16×9.0 (SR) / 17×6.0~17×10.5 (SR) / 18×7.5~18×11.5 (SR) / 19×8.0~19×12.5 (SR)

Standard Color Finish : Fein Heit Silver (FS2) / Matte Black (MBL) / Matte Bronze (GMB) / Bright Buff Finish (BBF)

Optional Color Finish : White (W) / Gold (G) / Platinum Gold (PG) / Gloss Bronze (HPG) / Matte Bronze (MHG) / Matte Grey Silver (MGS) / Gloss Grey Silver (IGS) / Lightning Silver (LS) / Feinheit Silver II (FS2) / Silver (S) / Matte Gunmetal (MGM) / Matte Black (MBL) / Gloss Black (B)

Standard Barrel Finish : Anodized Polished

Optional Barrel Finish : Black Anodized (Matte or Glossy) / Bronze Anodized (Matte or Glossy) / Hairline

Standard PCD Range : 4×100 / 5×100 / 5×114.3 (see sizing chart)

Optional PCD Range : 4×98~4×100 (16″) / 5×98~5×100 (16″) / 4×98~4×114.3 (17″) / 5×98~5×120.65 (17″) / 5×98~5×120.65 (18″) / 5×98~5×130 (19″)

When ordering, please specify the following DURING CHECKOUT:

Wheel model



Bolt Pattern

Face finish

Barrel finish (2pc/3pc only)

Disk Type