Swift Coilover Springs (65mm ID) - (8kgf/mm - 34kgf/mm) - 5" LENGTH

Swift Coilover Springs (65mm ID) - (8kgf/mm - 34kgf/mm) - 5" LENGTH

Swift's innovative designs have made us a staple in the performance tuning world. Our products are the result of over 90 years of experience in industrial spring manufacturing. Our engineers have spent countless hours developing and re-developing our springs, in order to create a product that is light, durable, and compliant, while still maintaining linear spring rates.

Many enthusiasts will swap springs from brand to brand with the only noticeable difference being a stiffer or softer ride. But what if a spring could offer a noticeable increase in traction, smoother weight transfer, better ride quality, lower tire temperatures, and a more predictable feel? The engineers at Swift have taken that "what if" and turned it into reality.

All Swift Springs are manufactured using( H5S.TW.) which is far superior to silicone chrome steel and allows us to wind our springs with less coils, resulting in reduced un-sprung weight and increased stroke

Each order is for 1 spring.

kgf/mm lbs/inch
Z65-127-080 8.0 448
Z65-127-100 10.0 559
Z65-127-120 12.0 670
Z65-127-140 14.0 782
Z65-127-160 16.0 894
Z65-127-180 18.0 1006
Z65-127-200 20.0 1117
Z65-127-220 22.0 1229
Z65-127-240 24.0 1341
Z65-127-260 26.0 1453
Z65-127-280 28.0 1564
Z65-127-300 30.0 1676
Z65-127-320 32.0 1788
Z65-127-340 34.0 1899