Advan Racing RG-4 - 18"

A Flagship Model for Performance Enthusiasts

The ADVAN Racing RG-4, the fourth generation of the renowned RG series, stands out with its aggressive design and performance-oriented features. Named after "Racing" and "Gymkhana," the RG-4 incorporates a linear-style spoke design while maintaining the classic 6-spoke layout. The three-dimensional molded spokes, tapering towards the center and featuring concave outer ends, create a deeply scooped effect without outer rims.

Three types of concave shapes—standard, GTR, and Super GTR—are standardized, offering the most aggressive concave design in each size, varying by rim width and inset. The spokes are side-cut machined for a dynamic look, with the convex "ADVAN Racing" lettering prominently displayed on the rims. The outer surfaces of the spokes feature a diamond-cut finish, achieved through advanced 3D processing techniques.


  • Forged 1pc Wheel
  • Valve Stems + Decals Included


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