Advan Racing RZ-DF - 18"

ADVAN Racing RZ twin 5-spoke and even 10-spoke crossover design based on the latest design created by combining it with a deep rim.

ADVAN Racing brand first forged wheel model. Mold forging 1 piece wheel. The outer rim part has a special spinning process for improved strength and specularity.

Three optimal rim depths, standard, medium and extra, are set by the size and inset considering the fender clearance and caliper clearance of the applicable vehicle type.

Machining & Racing Hyper Black (other than Porsche size) and Machining & Racing Hyper Silver (Porsche size only) using hyper paint have diamond cut on the rim. In addition, all 3 colors are set with matte black overall.

ADVAN Racing RZ-DF exclusive logo sticker (white for matte black, deep blue for machining) is attached to all sizes.

ADVAN Racing RZ-DF is based on a crossover fusion of twin 5-spoke and uniform 10-spoke designs, and creates something completely new by matching that fusion with deep rims.

The ADVAN Racing brand's first forged wheel.One-piece form-forged wheels.A special spinning method used on the outer rim increases both strength and specularity.

The size and inset are carefully calculated to match the car's fender and caliper clearance.Standard, Medium, and Extra-deep rim models available.

Hyper Paints Machining & Racing Hyper Black (except Porsche size) and Machining & Racing Hyper Silver (Porsche size only) feature diamond-cut rims. Full matte black rounds out the three colors available.

ADVAN Racing RZ-DF logo stickers (white on matte black, deep blue logo on machining type) come with all wheels.

Wheel is priced individually. 

Photos used for marketing purposes only. Actual product may vary.

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