Advan Racing RZ-DF2 - 19"

The RZ-DF2, succeeding the RZ-DF, marks a complete redesign in the ADVAN Racing mold-form forged line. Its revamped look features an outer rim and twin spokes, keeping the original design essence intact. A year after its debut at the 2022 Tokyo Auto Salon, the model has undergone meticulous refinements, achieving a heightened level of refinement.

Enhancements include diamond-cut wheel centers for a more striking appearance and the evolution of the Racing Hyper Black color into Hyper Platinum Black, boosting its metallic brilliance. The wheel incorporates five inherited concave types from the ADVAN Racing GT BEYOND and a barrel rim profile to accommodate larger brake rotors. The engraved "ADVAN Racing RZ-DF2 MOLD-FORM FORGED" logo adds a distinctive touch. Despite these changes, the foundational concept remains unaltered.

Additionally, a 20-inch RZ-DF2 model is in development, indicating a growing product range. Color choices comprise "Diamond Cut & Hyper Platinum Black," "Racing Titanium Black" with a diamond-cut outer rim and center section, and "Racing Titanium Black" without diamond cuts, conveying a more aggressive image.


  • Mold Form Forged Wheel

  • Capless Design

  • Inherited 5 concavity levels from ADVAN Racing GT BEYOND wheels, based on offset and size

  • Spoke concave exhibits increasing drop in order: C-1 < C-2 < C-3 < C-4 < C-5

  • Diamond Cut models introduce diamond cut to wheel center for selected color variants

  • Barrel rim profile compatible with most large brake rotors

  • "ADVAN Racing RZ-DF2 MOLD-FORM FORGED" logo engraving using CNC machine

  • Separate availability of ADVAN Racing center cap for purchase

  • Includes valve stems

Wheel is priced individually. 

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