BBS LM-R - 19x9.5 +25 5x114.3 - *Set of 4*

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This light, tough, sporty model leverages technologies developed for our Porsche Carrera Cup racing wheel.

Starting from a billet of 6,000 series aluminum, or a special magnesium alloy, every BBS forged wheel uses our special multi-stage Die-Forging process which can require up to 18 millions pounds of pressure to produce. Every stage of production is optimized to help create the best-forged wheel in the industry. BBS forged wheels are not only light, they have been designed to optimize the stiffness to weight ration while providing the safety and long term durability expected from BBS.

Important: When purchasing, please make sure to specify the year/make/model car it is for so we can be sure to include the proper sized hubcentric rings.

Standard Colors: Diamond Silver w/ Diamond Cut Rim (DSPK), Diamond Black w/ Diamond Cut Rim (DBPK), Gold w/ Diamond Cut rim (GPK)

Special Colors: Matte Bronze w/ Bright Cut Lip (MBZ) / Navy Blue Pearl w/ Bright Cut Lip (NB) / Black Blue w/ Bright Cut Lip (BB) / Citrine "White" Gold w/ Bright Cut Lip

Technical Details:

  • BBS LM-R - 19x9.5 +25 5x114.3
  • Forged Construction
  • Fit for GR Corolla / Model 3/Y (SR/LR/P) / + more. Will fit a variety of other cars and platforms as well. Please conduct research prior to placing your order.
  • Valvestems Included + Centercaps included.
  • Actual product may vary. Pictures used for marketing purposes only.
    • Photos by Goldenwrench/TeinUSA
  • Price is for a set of 4 wheels.

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