BBS RI-A - 18x10 / +41 / 5x100 - Diamond Silver (Toyota GR86 / Subaru BRZ Gen-2 + Gen-1 Fitment) *Set of 4*

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  • BBS RI-A - 18x10 / +41 / 5x100
  • Colors: Diamond Silver / (Please contact us if interested in alternative colors)
  • Forged Monoblock Construction
  • Fit for ZN8/ZD8 GR86/BRZ (Gen-2) / FRS/BRZ/GT86 (Gen-1) / GV/GR/GD WRX (5x100) / & more. Will fit a variety of other cars and platforms as well. Please conduct research prior to placing your order.
  • Hub size: PFS (Permanent Fitting System) Centering Ring System
  • Valvestems Included + Centercaps Included
  • NOTE: When purchasing, please make sure to specify the year/make/model car it is for so we can be sure to include the proper sized hubcentric rings or hardware (if applicable).

Weight Per Wheel

  • 18x10: ~19.6 lbs/wheel


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