BBS RI-D - 19"

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Forged monoblock construction, One Piece Forged Aluminum Wheels. Produced by BBS-Japan using a special 7000 series alloy that helps make this wheel as light and strong as possible. One look at this wheel with its 5 minimalist cross spokes makes two things clear: it’s ultra-lightweight, and it promises sporty driving. In fact, this is the wheel that BBS introduced in 2011 as the world’s first extra-super duralumin wheel. Duralumin is an aluminum alloy that’s impressively strong and durable, and extra-super duralumin is even more so, finding use as an aerospace material. This design employs this advanced material to full effect. 

Important: When purchasing, please make sure to specify the year/make/model car it is for so we can be sure to include the proper sized hubcentric rings and mounting hardware (if applicable).

For colors / sizes not listed - Feel free to reach out to us directly to inquire about availability.

NOTE: Wheels are priced individually.

Color Options:
Diamond Gold (DG)
Diamond Silver (DS)
Diamond Black (DB)
Matte Black (MB)
and more!
BBS valvestems, centercaps, and mounting hardware included with each wheelset.

Wheel Weights: 
19x8 ~16.5lbs
19x8.5 ~17.8lbs
19x9 ~18.2lbs
19x10 ~ 18.7lbs
19x10.5 ~19.1lbs
19x11 ~19.4lbs
19x12 ~19.6lbs

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