BRIDE Stradia III - Gradation

BRIDE's new flagship model. A new-generation reclining seat that combines a high level of holdability and convenience

The STRADIAIII boasts a newly designed monocoque body shell featuring a bone frame and the ZETA IV, meticulously crafted using 3D-CAD technology. Compared to its predecessor, the STRADIAIII offers significantly enhanced seat rigidity and strength. Its advanced reclining mechanism and one-touch reclining lever are engineered for maximum operability, convenience, and durability, providing a more secure and comfortable experience by minimizing backlash and vibrations through precise adjustments. Furthermore, a belt hole for a 6-point harness has been newly integrated into the seat back, complemented by specially designed high-density urethane foam for enhanced support and comfort in the seat and thigh areas.

The STRADIAIII represents a new era of reclining seats, seamlessly blending the holdability required for circuit driving with the convenience and comfort essential for everyday use, all at a superior level. Available in three distinct colors—gradation logo, black, and red—two shell options—FRP silver shell and super aramid black shell—and two cushion types—standard and low—the STRADIAIII offers customizable choices to suit individual preferences and needs.

Specially designed seat and thigh cushions.

The specially designed, high-density foam molded urethane utilized in the seat and thigh cushions ensures uniform distribution of body pressure across the flat seat surface, delivering a firm grip and minimizing fatigue during extended use. Its exceptional durability and resistance to deformation ensure long-lasting comfort and support. In addition to the standard type, a low-type thigh cushion with reduced thickness to 2/3 is also available, catering to individual preferences and providing further customization options for enhanced comfort.

Belt holes compatible with an FHR system and 6-point harness

The latest iteration of the STRADIA seat introduces new safety features to enhance its suitability for motorsports. A large-diameter belt hole compatible with FHR systems like HANS, as well as a 6-point harness belt hole, have been newly installed at the bottom of the seat. These additions address the requests frequently voiced by STRADIA users, ensuring that drivers can participate in circuit driving and various other motorsports activities with enhanced safety measures in place.

  • Compatible with the following seat rails: Type-RB / Type-RK / Type-RO / Type-LR


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