Rays OffRoad A-LAP 07X - 18x9 / -20 / 6x139.7 - Mag Blue (Tacoma/4Runner Fitment) *Set of 4*

The First Model of the New RAYS

The 7-point crossed mesh design, characterized by straight lines, inherits the exclusive model "A-LAP-J" designed for the Jimny, while being tailored for larger vehicles like the Land Cruiser Prado and Hiace. Carefully curated are its rim width, rim depth, and layout, emphasizing both strength and lightweight construction. This model offers various rim depths and faces for each rim width and offset, ensuring optimal performance. Additionally, the introduction of an 18-inch forged wheel application for the Jimny/Jimny Sierra marks a pioneering achievement in the industry. Generally, lightweight construction offers numerous advantages and benefits for 4WD vehicles and Hiace vans, particularly those equipped with off-road or van tires instead of standard passenger car tires. The new "07X" model is introduced with a focus on lightweight construction from the forging method onward.


  • Color: Mag Blue
  • LL Rim
  • Hub Bore: 112mm
  • Includes: Rays Valve stems
  • Fitment for: 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma / 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner / Lexus GX / 3rd Gen Toyota Tundra/Sequoia. Will fit a variety of other cars and platforms as well. Please conduct research prior to placing your order. Note: Certain 2nd Gen Tacoma's will require extended studs due to the shorter factory OE wheel studs.


    Actual product may vary. Pictures used for marketing purposes only.

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