Rays Volk Racing Centercaps - Low Type

Fit for the following wheels:

  • Rays Volk GT30
  • Rays Volk GT-V, GT-C, GTS, GTM, GTF
  • Rays Volk RE30
  • Rays Volk TE37 Tokyo Time Attack / TE37 TTA
  • Rays Volk TE37 OG 19"
  • Rays Volk CE28N 16" / 17" / 18" / 19"
  • Rays Volk CE28N-Plus
  • Rays Volk CE28 Club Racer II
  • Rays Volk NE24
  • Rays Volk TE37 Saga, TE37 Saga S-Plus, TE37 Saga SL, TE37 Saga SL M-Spec, TE37 Saga S-Plus Time Attack
  • Rays Volk TE37 Ultra, TE37 Ultra M-Spec, TE37 Ultra Track Edition I + Track Edition II
  • Rays Volk TE37V MKII, Rays Volk 21A, Rays Volk 21C
  • Rays Volk TE37 Sonic
  • Rays Volk ZE40, Volk ZE40 M-Spec, ZE40 Time attack 1 + 2 + 3
  • Rays Volk NE24
  • Rays Volk TE37XTR
  • Rays Volk G50
  • Rays Volk G27 Progressive Model
  • Rays Volk G25 / G25 Edge
  • + more (Please double-check with us if you are unsure)

Depending on axle-nut / hub clearance, these caps may or may not work with your specific vehicle application. Please ensure you have adequate hub clearance prior to purchasing centercaps for your RAYS wheels. We are not responsible if you order a size that does not properly fit.


Photos used for marketing purposes only. Actual product may vary.

NOTE: System Motorsports is the industry-leading recognized authorized Rays Engineering / Volk Racing / Gramlights dealer and distributor in the US. All Rays Engineering products we procure, source, and sell are manufactured and imported from Japan directly. Please do not purchase replica / imitation products - your safety is our concern! 

For all product inquiries and questions - please contact us directly!