Volk Racing

Volk Racing G025GC - 22"

A wheel with the distinctive characteristics of RAYS forged wheels, known for their absolute strength and rigidity, has been created to support even the heaviest machines. VOLK RACING's design philosophy is marked by 'purposeful lines' and 'intentional shapes.'

These wheels are not just designed for aesthetics alone; they are engineered to combine both the essential functions for street cars and striking forms. They showcase captivating designs, incorporating VOLK RACING's unique details and the emotional shapes that are characteristic of the G-Series.

To enhance the design of the G025 and accommodate larger sizes, we've made several structural modifications. The spokes now feature a wide, rugged, and sharp cross-sectional shape, emphasizing their three-dimensional and edgy appearance. Moreover, thanks to structural analysis technology, we've significantly increased the size of the weight-reducing holes compared to the base model G025 while minimizing any reduction in the side surface. This ensures the wheels can effortlessly withstand the weight of the targeted vehicles.


Standard Color: Blast Black 2 (BT) / Shining Light Metal/Rim FDMC (SI)

Actual product may vary. Pictures used for marketing purposes only.

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