Volk Racing

Volk Racing NE24 - 18"

Entering a new generation of sports wheels

Introducing a new era in sports wheels, the NE24 represents a departure from conventional norms, marked by a racing-inspired name for the first time in seven years. It embodies a sense of transformation, inviting a feeling of "entering a new phase."

The nomenclature of this series blends "N" from VOLK RACING Gr.N, the roots of the developed wheel, with "E," a shared initial in existing series such as TE, CE, and ZE, signifying "evolution."

2021 is poised to be a year of impact, with Japanese manufacturers unveiling numerous exciting cars and a surge in upcoming European C-segment sports models. In response to this global competition, the NE24's design departs from convention. The 2x4 spoke configuration was reimagined to achieve a unique geometry—prioritizing mass at the center area, reducing spoke count, and maintaining necessary volume at the center fastening and rim joint areas. The outer circumference features a high-performance design tailored for use with tires of robust specifications.

Crafting this design involved meticulous trial and error by the RAYS R&D Analytical Team, utilizing the latest forging technology to achieve delicate and subtle spikes. The undercut of the spoke was enhanced for a heightened level difference, ensuring a three-dimensional appearance even in narrow sizes.

Creating something new requires the embodiment of challenging concepts. Leveraging skills and experience acquired through the design and development of racing wheels, we strive to bring forth new styling and performance in street wheels. Both racing and street wheels are produced by the same team members in the same factory—this is the world of VOLK RACING.


  • Method: Forged 1pc Wheel
  • RAYS original test: JWL+R Spec2
  • Included: Air Valve
  • Finishes: Shining Black Metal (HM) / Matte Gun Black (MT)

Note: Wheel is Priced Individually

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