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Volk Racing TE37XT M-Spec - 18"

This brand new TE37 series wheel name is composed of "X" and "T" those means inherited design of TE37X which is the masterpiece of off road forged wheels and the initiation to which indicates a new evolution to acceptance of the overseas truck culture. Its performance which even can be installed to trucks, passes JWL-T, VIA and our original strength test easily. In addition, RAYS's patented technology A.M.T which is title of VOLK RACING is adopted on 2 parts of the outer rim. It argues itself the latest model. For the color feature, it adopts the Bronze almite which is pronoun color of TE37 and Blast Black which is new color of 2019 as its standard colors. Furthermore, a special color Matte red is also prepared as a new proposal from RAYS, and it expands possibilities of the 4x4 dress up vehicle. VOLK RACING can acquire high quality and certain technology.

Running in the wilderness and grind over rocks. This is the VOLK RACING TE37XT

The first for Volk Racing to now include JEEP fitments! With the standard model TE37XT which made its debut this summer, the M-SPEC makes its mark with a simplified version. Rim line machining has been removed for a subtle and simple finish, while maintaining logo machining features on the wheel itself.

Method: Forged 1pc. Wheel
RAYS original test: Clears JWL & JWL-T standards

Wheel is Priced Individually.

Standard Colors: Blast Black (BC) / Bronze Almite (BR)

Optional Colors (see chart): Diamond Silver (DS) / Blast Bronze (BB) / Gunmetal (GM) / Diamond Dark Gunmetal (MM) / Gold (GO) / Matte Blue Gunmetal (GB) / Black (BK) / Matte Black (MB) / Diamond Black (DB) / Dash White (DW) / Mag Blue (BL) / Red (RE) / Racing Green (IG) / Matte Dark Green / Gloss Grey

Hyper Colors (see chart): Hyper Blue (HL) / Hyper Red (HR)

Includes valve stems.

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