Work Zistance W5S - 19"

Three-Piece Sport VIP Style Wheels

The WORK Zistance W5S wheels feature a three-piece construction, utilizing a low-pressure cast center disk welded to a spun-forged barrel. These wheels offer a Sandwich Type (S/W) Mount, also known as the "Sport VIP Style," placing the disk between the outer and inner rims. They are available in a wide variety of sizes and offsets to meet your customization needs.


  • Wheel Construction: 3 Piece Reverse Step Rim (19″SR / 20″SR)
  • Available sizing: 19″ / 20″
  • Width range: 19×7.5~19×12.5 (O/H), 19×7.5~19×13.0 (S/W) / 20×7.5~20×13.0 (O/H), 20×7.5~20×13.5 (S/W) 
  • Disk Type: S Disk (Standard) / W Disk (Hyper Deep Rim) / R Disk (Big Caliper)
  • Standard Color Finish: Brilliant Silver Black (BSB) / Gloss Black (B/BLK) / Gold (G/GLD)
  • Optional Color Finish (+$): White (W) / Gold (GLD) / Platinum Gold (PG) / Ashdot Titanium (AHG2) / Gloss Gunmetal (GM) / Calm Silver (CF) / Silver (SIL) / Matted Silver (SIL) / Matte Gunmetal (MGM) / Matte Black (MBL) / Gloss Black (BLK)
  • Center Cap Finish: Brilliant Silver Black (BSB) & Gloss Black (B/BLK) = Black center cap, Gold (G/GLD) = Red center cap
  • Sticker Color: Brilliant Silver Black (BSB) = Black sticker / Gloss Black (B/BLK) = Silver sticker / Gold (G/GLD) = Red sticker
  • Center Disk Mount: Sandwich Type (S/W) Mount = “Sport VIP Style”
  • Standard Barrel Finish: Anodized Polished
  • Optional Barrel Finish (+$): Black Anodized (Matte or Glossy) / Bronze Anodized (Matte or Glossy) / Hairline
  • Standard Bolt Pattern Range: 5×114.3 (see sizing chart)
  • Optional Bolt Pattern Range (+$): 5×100~5×120

When ordering - Please specify the following under Special Instructions at shopping cart, to the best of your ability (OR EMAIL US):

  • Wheel Model
  • Size
  • Offset
  • Bolt Pattern (+$ For Custom PCDs)
  • Wheel Face Finish (+$ For Custom Face Finishes)
  • Outer Lip Finish (2pc/3pc only) (+$ For Custom Lip Finishes)
  • Disk Type


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