BBS CI-R Unlimited - 19"

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BBS Unlimited stands for an almost infinite number of possibilities of the wheel system. 

Four main features are embodied in the logos:

1. Unlimited Dimensions - Numerous wheel diameters, wheel widths, and concavities, individually combinable for front and rear axle

2. Unlimited Fit - Unprecedented application diversity and combination possibilities with only a few basic components and a flexible offset adjustment 

3. Unlimited Style - Countless options for wheel individualization (choice of colors for the wheels, rim protectors, centercaps, valve stems, and wheel bolts)

4. Unlimited Value - The investment pays off! With only a few component exchanges, BBS Unlimited wheels can be used for the next car of your customer

Functionality Overview:

  • The hub adapter is equipped with a vehicle specific centering ring
  • The hub adapter is bolted to the wheel hub by using short headed wheel bolts or wheel nuts
  • A wheel centering ring is placed in the center of the base wheel
  • The base wheel is bolted to the hub adapter by using BBS Unlimited wheel bolts
  • Almost ALL cars with 5-hole hub connection and the demands of all target groups can be met with these components

Standard Finishes: Platinum Silver / Satin Black

Optional Finishes: Diamond Black / White Gold / Indigo Blue / Gold / Satin Bronze / Ceramic Polished

Included Hardware: Adaptors, Hub Mounting Bolts, Wheel Mounting Bolts, and Centering Rings

  • 2D/3D Centercaps, Rim Protector Rings, Valve Caps sold separately

Adaptor Widths: 

  • 14mm / 17mm / 20mm / 23mm / 26mm / 30mm / 35mm / 40mm / 45mm / 50mm

Hub Bolt Sizes: 

  • 5x100 / 5x108 / 5x110 / 5x112 / 5x114.3 / 5x115 / 5x120 / 5x120.65 / 5x127 / 5x130

Wheel Bolt Sizes:

  • Short Headed Wheel Bolts/Nuts: M12x1.25 / M12x1.5 / M14x1.25 / M14x1.5
  • BBS Unlimited Wheel Bolts (only fits BBS Unlimited wheels): M14x1.5

Centering Ring Sizes: 

  • Wheel centering rings: 70/77mm , 70/68mm 
  • Vehicle specific centering rings: 54.1mm , 56.1mm , 56.6mm , 57.1/77mm , 57.1/68mm , 58.1mm , 60.1mm , 63.4mm , 64.1mm , 65.1mm , 66.1mm , 66.5mm , 67.1mm , 70.2mm , 70.6mm , 71.6mm , 72.6mm , 74.1mm

NOTE: Wheels are priced individually.

Pictures used for marketing purposes only. Actual product may vary.