BRIDE Xero RS - Black / Silver FRP Shell

A full bucket seat for a next generation, combining high functionality, comfort, and safety

The XERO RS is equipped with large head guards to provide additional protection in the event of an accident or collision. This full bucket seat is meticulously crafted to offer superior driveability while prioritizing safety.

Its design ensures a snug fit around the hips and femoral region, while quilted fabric lining the inner knee supports enhances comfort during extended races, minimizing fatigue and allowing drivers to maintain focus.

Available in FRP Silver Shell or Super Aramid Black Shell variations, with color options including Gradient Logo or Black, each seat is FIA-compliant, meeting rigorous safety standards.

Specially made seat material

The XERO RS features quilted fabric lining the inside of the knee supports, ensuring a superior fit and heightened comfort compared to standard models. Additionally, the shoulder and belt holes are framed in carbon, enhancing both the premium aesthetics and racing-inspired feel of the seat.


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