BRIDE Zeta IV Racing Bucket Seat - Gradation / Silver FRP Shell

This is the latest model of the ZETA series which has won many races since its launch in 1990 and has kept the driver's safety

The ZETA IV, the latest iteration of BRIDE's ZETA series, represents a significant update after 16 years. Serving as the standard model of BRIDE's full bucket seats, the ZETA IV is designed to accommodate a wide range of users, from road driving to intense sports activities. Engineered with a shell that conforms to the body's contours, this flagship model embodies BRIDE's commitment to versatility across various driving scenarios. Leveraging BRIDE's extensive expertise and manufacturing technology, the ZETA IV achieves lightweight construction and high rigidity through the use of high-performance materials in each component. Offering superior hold, comfort, durability, and safety compared to its predecessors, the ZETA IV sets a new standard in full bucket seats. Available shell materials include FRP silver and Super Aramid black, with color options including Gradation Logo, Black, and Red. Additionally, the ZETA IV is FIA approved, ensuring compliance with rigorous safety standards.

ZETA series has evolved greatly by gathering BRIDE technology and experience

The ZETA IV has evolved into a racing sport seat designed for extended use across a broader range of vehicle types and categories. This evolution is achieved through the incorporation of features such as the LOWMAX system, previously utilized in select seats, as well as a large belt hole and durable PVC leather materials. These enhancements ensure optimal comfort, durability, and compatibility, making the ZETA IV suitable for prolonged usage in various driving applications and vehicle configurations.

FIA approved and Conformity to the safety standard

The ZETA IV adheres to the safety regulations stipulated by the Japanese Road Transport Vehicle Act, ensuring compliance with domestic automotive inspection standards. Furthermore, it has obtained certification under the "FIA8855-1999" standard set forth by the FIA (International Automobile Federation), allowing its usage in international racing events and competitions. With its design and quality engineered to surpass stringent testing criteria, the ZETA IV boasts a high level of safety and reliability, providing peace of mind for drivers in diverse racing scenarios.


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