BRIDE Zieg IV Wide Racing Bucket Seat - Black / Silver FRP Shell

The wide model full bucket seat 30mm larger than the standard model

ZIEG IV WIDE is the wider version of the ZIEG IV full bucket seat, meticulously crafted to prioritize high safety standards and superior hold performance, drawing from extensive racing experiences and input from professional drivers. It features a 30mm increase in width at the thigh area and a 10mm increase at the shoulder area compared to the standard ZIEG model, catering to larger-bodied drivers. Like the ZIEG IV, the entire shell boasts a deep hold shape with rounded shoulder lines, ensuring a snug fit around the driver for steadfast control even during high-speed cornering or when subjected to high driving forces.
Available in two shell material options—FRP silver shell and Super aramid black shell—and three color variations: Gradation logo, Black, and Red, ZIEG IV WIDE is a FIA-approved model, guaranteeing adherence to strict safety standards for use in international racing competitions.

LOWMAX for wide models too

The wide model of ZIEG IV incorporates BRIDE's patented LOWMAX system, enabling drivers to lower both the seat position and eye point. This innovative technology ensures that even individuals with larger body types can achieve the optimal driving position for sports driving, enhancing overall comfort and performance on the track.

FIA approved and Conformity to the safety standard

ZIEG IV WIDE meets the safety standards mandated by the Japanese Road Transport Vehicle Act, ensuring compliance with regulations for automobile inspection. Additionally, it has obtained the "FIA8855-1999" certification from the FIA (International Automobile Federation), allowing its use in formal international races and competitions. With its robust design and stringent quality standards, ZIEG IV WIDE provides a high level of safety, successfully passing rigorous tests for certification.


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