Rays Wheels / Volk Racing / Gram Lights - FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions

Who is RAYS Engineering?

Rays Engineering refers to Japanese-based wheel manufacturer that specializes in manufacturing high-quality wheels for various vehicles, including cars and motorcycles. The company is recognized for producing lightweight and performance-oriented wheels and accessories under the brands Volk Racing, Gram Lights, RAYS Engineering, Versus, and more.

Rays Engineering has gained a reputation for its innovative wheel designs, advanced and proprietary manufacturing techniques, and dedication to providing wheels that enhance both the aesthetic and performance aspects of vehicles. The company has been involved in motorsports and has collaborated with various automotive manufacturers and aftermarket tuning companies to create specialized wheels for racing and enthusiast applications. System Motorsports is the industry-leading RAYS Engineering / Volk Racing / Gram Lights retailer and distributor in North America.

Are RAYS Engineering and Volk Racing the same?

Yes, "Volk Racing" and "Rays Engineering" are closely related and often used interchangeably. Volk Racing is a brand of high-performance wheels that is owned and produced by Rays Engineering. Rays Engineering is the company behind the design, manufacturing, and distribution of wheels under the Volk Racing brand. Volk Racing produces the forged lineup for Rays Engineering , and the vast majority of Volk Racing wheels are forged construction hence their premium price compared to the Gram Lights brand (cast).

Volk Racing wheels are known for their lightweight construction, innovative designs, and focus on enhancing vehicle performance. These wheels are highly regarded in the automotive enthusiast and racing communities for their quality and performance-oriented features. They are amongst some of the most recognized wheels on the market to this day, and have racing heritage dating back to 1996.


What is the difference between Gram Lights and Volk Racing?

Both "Gram Lights" and "Volk Racing" are brands of wheels produced by the Japanese company Rays Engineering. While they share the same parent company, there are differences between the two brands in terms of their focus and product offerings:

  1. Volk Racing:

    • Volk Racing wheels are typically forged. This explains their premium price compared to the Gram Lights brand. Volk Racing wheels tend to hold value on the secondary-market much better than their Gram Lights counterpart.
    • Volk Racing wheels, particularly the TE37 model, have a strong reputation for their lightweight construction, durability, and performance-oriented design.
    • These wheels are often favored by racing enthusiasts and professionals for their ability to withstand the rigors of track use while providing excellent handling and performance benefits.
    • Volk Racing wheels tend to be more focused on function and performance, and they often have a classic and timeless design.
  2. Gram Lights:

    • Gram Lights is another brand under Rays Engineering that caters to a slightly different market segment compared to Volk Racing. They are typically made of a cast-construction, and are heavier than their Volk counterpart. They are heavier than Volk wheels (forged) due to their cast construction, but are still relatively light compared to some of the other aftermarket wheels that exist on the market.
    • These wheels can be popular among enthusiasts who want a combination of performance and a distinctive look at a fraction of the price of Volks.

In summary, the main differences between Gram Lights and Volk Racing lie in their price, composition, design aesthetics and target audience. Volk Racing is renowned for its racing heritage, lightweight construction, and performance-oriented design, while Gram Lights may offer a broader range of styles and finishes that cater to enthusiasts looking for both performance and visual customization in an affordable package. Keep in mind that product offerings are constantly changing, so feel free to get in touch with us to verify and double check before placing your order.

What is the difference between all of the TE37 models?

This is the question we get asked the most often, seeing that there are so many different TE37 models and variants now. As with any product, the TE37 design has evolved over time, resulting in several different models with varying features, improvements, and specifications. Here are some of the key features that highlight the differences between one of the most famous wheels of all time:

  1. Original TE37: The original TE37 is a lightweight, forged monoblock wheel that gained immense popularity due to its durability, strength, and classic six-spoke design in the late 90's. It's a timeless design that has been used in various motorsports and enthusiast applications. The original TE37 notably came in the "OG Bronze" that we have all come to know and love today, along with a few other "OG" colors hence coining them as the TE37 Original. The TE37 OG is now discontinued and are incredibly hard to source. These were superseded into the TE37SL model below.

  2. TE37SL (Super Lap): The TE37SL is a lighter version of the original TE37 and superseded the OGs. SL stands for "Super Lap" as these were initially designed specifically for racing and track use. It features weight-reducing techniques while retaining the same design and strength of the OG TE37. The SL version is often used in motorsports due to its reduced weight, though these have become very popular for street use in the last 10 years. The TE37SL is the only TE37 that still utilizes the OG TE37 mold, and many of our customers will order their TE37SL through us and pair them with OG TE37 decals to emulate the look of the TE37 Originals. Many of our TE37SL offerings come in the original finishes that the OG came in as well. One key takeaway is that the TE37SL cannot use centercaps (without the use of adapters). This is for weight saving purposes. Many will choose to run the TE37SL model without centercaps. The TE37SL also happens to be one of the most affordable TE37's on the market.

  3. TE37 SAGA / TE37 Saga S-Plus: The TE37 SAGA is an updated version of the TE37 model, with improved production techniques and design elements. It aims to provide better balance between light weight rigidity and strength while maintaining the classic 6-spoke appearance. The spokes are a bit more rounded than the TE37 OG or TE37SL and they no longer use the TE37 OG mold, and this model also features an engraved logo instead of the stickers found on the TE37 OG or TE37SL. The TE37 Saga model is flatter than the TE37SL or TE37 OG in select sizes, and is more concave than the TE37SL or TE37 OG in select exclusive and aggressive sizes offered by us. Though to compare TE37 Saga to TE37SL/TE37 OG would be an apples to oranges comparison, as the two models do not closely resemble each other. To those who want to retain the classic TE37 OG design, you may want to consider the TE37SL. The TE37 Saga S-Plus is the newer revised iteration of the TE37 Saga, but with updated strength and rigidty. Both the TE37 Saga / TE37 Saga S-Plus models can take centercaps without the use of adapters.

  4. TE37 Ultra / TE37 Ultra M-Spec: The TE37 Ultra is an evolution of the TE37 design but in larger diameters, namely 19" inches and up. The TE37 Ultra features enhanced rigidity and strength. It is often used in demanding racing environments where larger brake clearance is necessitated at larger diameters, or on street cars that demand a larger wheel for better visual appeal. The TE37 Ultra has a revised spoke design and also has engraved logos like the TE37 Saga / TE37 Saga S-Plus, and some say that the TE37 Ultra resembles the shape of the TE37 OG due to the classic shape of the spokes. The TE37 Ultra comes in a variety of updated finishes, and the TE37 Ultra M-Spec is the newer revised iteration of the TE37 Ultra that comes in various exclusive applicatons for many street and race cars. Unlike the TE37 Ultra model, the M-Spec version does not have an engraved "ring" on the rim of the wheel, whereas the "regular" Te37 Ultra version does.

  5. TE37V / TE37V MKII: The TE37V is designed for vintage cars, or vehicles that demand larger widths and lip sizes. It retains the classic TE37 6-spoke design while offering fitments suitable for older vehicles and widebodys. Typically, the TE37V comes in much more aggressive widths and offsets, ranging from 8J widths up to 12J widths. It is one of the only TE37 models that are offered in low single-digit and negative offsets. The TE37V MKII is the same as the TE37V model, but offered in larger diameter sizes i.e. 17" and 18".

  6. TE37SL Black Edition 1 / 2 / 3: The Black Edition TE37SL models are a refinement of the standard TE37SL, offering improved aesthetics with special lip-engravings and accents, additional strength, while maintaining a focus on lightweight construction. The TE37SL Black Edition models typically come with limited-colored spoke stickers and are more limited in production. These models are offered in a Pressed Matte Black finish and feature a machined and tinted center area with etching on the rim signifying the limited model name.

It's important to note that Rays Engineering Volk Racing TE37 wheel specifications, finishes, sizes, pricing, and availability can vary with each model. If you're interested in a specific TE37 model, please reach out to us directly for further assistance. System Motorsports is the industry-leading authorized distributor for all RAYS Engineering / Volk Racing / Gram Lights products, service, and support.


Is the Volk TE37SL being discontinued?

The production of the Volk TE37SL has now stopped, and the sets that are currently available were ordered prior to Volk Racing discontinuing the production of this model. The TE37SL represents the final iteration utilizing the original TE37 mold. In its place, the TE37 Saga and TE37 Saga s-Plus models have been introduced, showcasing a more contemporary mold design with more rounded spokes. With the discontinuation in effect, the TE37SL is poised to gain significant popularity, given the increased challenge of obtaining brand-new units.

Luckily, we hold much of the last of the old-stock of the TE37SL from our many batch orders, so if you are looking for a set, feel free to get in touch with us to check for availability prior to purchasing.

How much does a Volk TE37 weigh?

With there being so many variations and sizes of the Volk TE37, their weight depends entirely on which model and size TE37 it is. For example, 17" Volk TE37SL in an 8.5 width is approximately ~16.5lbs, and an 18" Volk TE37SL in a 9.5" width is approximately ~18-19lbs/wheel. The TE37 Saga S-Plus is slighty heavier, and can range from ~18-20lbs/wheel depending on the size. The TE37 Ultra / TE37 Ultra M-Spec can be expected at around ~20~25lbs/wheel depending on the final width and diameter. With that being said, it is important to keep in mind that the TE37 is still an incredibly lightweight and rigid wheel, and servces as a significant improvement towards weight reduction by reducing unspring weight. Upgrading to TE37's from factory OEM wheels is often times one of the best ways to increase acceleration, braking, and handling characteristics. This is why so many enthusiasts alike choose to upgrade to forged monoblock construction wheels, such as the TE37.


How do you know if Volk TE37's are real? Is System Motorsports an authorized dealer for RAYS Engineering / Volk Racing / Gram Lights?

Yes, System Motorsports is the industry's recognized and leading authorized distributor and premier source for ALL Rays Engineering / Volk Racing / Gram Lights products, service, and support. We have never sold imitation or replica RAYS products and never plan to. We have established ourselves as the direct master distributor for the RAYS brand in North America, which is why many retail and wholesale customers choose to conduct routine business with us exclusively.

Determining whether a set of Volk TE37 wheels are genuine or fake can be challenging, as counterfeit products can often closely resemble authentic ones. However, there are several steps you can take to help identify if a set of Volk TE37 wheels are real:

  1. Source: Purchase the wheels from authorized dealers or reputable businesses. Authorized businesses and dealers are more likely to sell genuine and legitimate products. Avoid deals that seem too good to be true on web forums / online marketplaces / local listings by individuals and sellers who are not an established business or do not have a legitimate storefront, yet claim to distribute authentic products. These individuals are likely providing counterfeit / unserialized / gray-marketed wheelsets that are illegitimate and fake, yet they will try to convince you that they are authentic with realistic-looking boxes. Most of the time, counterfeit wheels are often sold at significantly lower prices by individuals instead of businesses. Counterfeit wheels do not possess the same second-hand resale value as the real-deal, so avoid them at all costs, as you can get stuck with them (nobody wants counterfeit or fake wheels). At System Motorsports, we only sell authentic products, and have and will never source counterfeit or replica or imitation products. We are the industry's trusted source for RAYS Engineering / Volk Racing / Gram Lights products.

  2. Price: Be cautious of unusually low prices. Authentic Volks (especially TE37's) are premium products, and if the price is significantly lower than market value, it could indicate that they are counterfeit or replicas.

  3. Packaging: Genuine TE37 wheels usually come in high-quality packaging with proper labeling, logos, and branding. Examine the packaging for any signs of poor quality or inaccuracies.

  4. Weight: Authentic TE37 wheels are known for their lightweight construction. If you have access to the wheels, compare their weight to the specifications provided by the manufacturer. Counterfeit wheels may be heavier due to inferior materials.

  5. Logo and Engravings: Examine the Volk Racing logos and engravings on the wheels carefully. Counterfeit wheels may have poorly replicated logos or inconsistencies in the branding.

  6. Fit and Finish: Authentic TE37 wheels are well-crafted with attention to detail. Check for any rough edges, uneven surfaces, or other signs of poor craftsmanship.

  7. Serial Numbers: Some authentic wheels come with unique serial numbers or holograms as a way to verify their authenticity. Check if the wheels you're considering have any such features and verify them with the manufacturer if possible.

  8. Spokes and Design: Study the design of the spokes, lip, and other features of the wheels. Compare them to official images and specifications from reputable sources to ensure consistency.

  9. Research: Before making a purchase, do thorough research about the specific TE37 model you're interested in. Familiarize yourself with the genuine product's features and specifications to be better equipped to spot any discrepancies.

  10. Ask for Documentation: If you're buying from a seller who claims the wheels are authentic, ask for documentation that proves their authenticity, such as receipts from authorized dealers or communication with the manufacturer.

  11. Manufacturer Contact: If you're uncertain about the authenticity of the wheels, consider reaching out to the manufacturer or an official distributor to verify the product's authenticity using its serial number or other identifiers.

Remember that counterfeiters can be quite skilled at replicating authentic products, so it's important to be diligent and take your time to inspect the wheels thoroughly before making a purchase. If you're unsure, it might be best to consult with us for peace of mind, in order to source authentic RAYS Engineering products for your next build.

Can you make me a custom-sized wheel or TE37?

Yes, please reach out to us via our online query and contact form to put in a request for a size or finish you would like to see that is not offered on the standard catalog. Having been involved in dozens of custom batch sizes, we are the industry's recognized go-to provider for personalized batch requests and sizes. If there's substantial interest and demand, we can explore the possibility of producing custom batch sizes that deviate from the usual offerings in our standard catalog. We have the experience and technical knowhow in acquiring special and limited-size batches while retaining decent concavity, lip size, and brake clearance - so reaching out to us is advisable if you're interested in pursuing distinctive or unconventional sizes tailored to your specific needs.