Advan Racing GT for Porsche - 19x9 / 19x12 / 5x130 - *Set of 4*

Precision and Performance

The Advan Racing GT lineup for Porsche is now complete with the introduction of 19-inch wheels, allowing these downsized diameters on the 981 Cayman GT4. The barrel rim design expands compatibility for 991 GT3 models (excluding PCCB cars). The 18-inch wheels also adopt a barrel rim, enabling inch-down sizing from the 997 GT3RS 19-inch setup, with four concave spoke designs by size. The 21-inch wheels, with Standard, Medium, and Extra deep rim depths, fit PCCB systems on 991 models. Center lock wheels are compatible with 991 and 997 models, designed to match Porsche's original locking system perfectly. The 20-inch Advan Racing GT for Porsche features a barrel rim for PCCB use, a 34mm deep front rim, and four concave spoke designs by size. Macan sizes in 20 and 21-inch adopt a reverse structure, with Medium deep fronts and Extra deep rears, for a striking appearance. The Advan Racing GT logo on the spokes is embossed with 3D cuts, similar to the GT Premium Version wheels.


  • Advan Racing GT for Porsche - 19x9 / 19x12 / 5x130
  • Forged Construction
  • Valvestems Included
  • Fit for: GT3 NB (997.1/997.2) / Carrera (5x130 OEM Conversions Only). Clears PCCBs. 
  • We include Porsche-specific Advan Centercaps with each set (5x130 Only)


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