Advan RG-4 - 18x9.5 / +38 / 5x114.3 - Semigloss Black *Set of 4*

The Advan RG finally enters the 4th generation.

The lightweight wheel developed for installation on the ADVAN Works Gymkhana machine at the circuit production race and the All Japan Championship was the RG, which was an acronym for Racing & Gymkhana.

The basic design of the slender 6-spoke has not changed from the first generation. However, the 4th generation has acquired the most aggressive design of all time. The spoke width is designed to be slightly wider than the predecessor RGIII, which further emphasizes its presence. System Motorsports is an authorized stockist and proud distributor of the 4th iteration of the Advan RG lineup, and has worked extensively with previous gens of the RG as well. In regards to concavity, the three types of concave shapes that are set, namely the standard design, GTR design, and super GTR design, all have a linear form. It can be seen at a glance that it is different from other ADVAN Racing casting wheel groups with a curved tone.

The three-dimensional shape that stands up again after being dented so that the outer circumference of the spoke is largely scooped out is designed even more boldly than the ADVAN Racing TC-4 and RSIII, just like the ADVAN Racing R6 with a forged deep rim 6-spoke wheel. It has an impact as if it was a full-face design.

Side cuts are applied to the sides of each spoke, and "advanced side cuts" that continuously connect the crotch between the spokes are adopted. The logo of "ADVAN Racing" is placed on the rim part in convex letters, and it is also a standard specification that the top surface is diamond-cut by three-dimensional processing.

RG-4 spoke stickers with the new logo are included in all colors.

Wheel is priced as a set of 4. 

Size: 18x9.5 +38 5x114.3

Color: Semi-Gloss Black

Face-concavity: Super GTR (S-GTR) Design

NOTE: System Motorsports is an official Direct Authorized Yokohama Advan Wheel dealer and distributor in the US. All Yokohama Advan products we procure, source, and sell are manufactured and imported from Japan directly. Please do not purchase replica / imitation products - your safety is our concern!
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