BBS E07 - Porsche 997.2 GT3/GT3RS/GT2/TT Fitment (Centerlock) - 19"

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BBS Motorsport three piece wheels encompass a wide variety of modular configurations using cast mag or forged aluminum centers combined with rim halves available in 1/2" increments. By combining the appropriate part number center with commonly stocked rim halves virtually any combination can be accommodated. All use the BBS gasket system for immediate use and field repair.

BBS Motorsport 3-Piece E07 Centerlock Wheels are forged aluminum center with backmilled spokes and heat treated spun aluminum rim sections.

All BBS Wheels are custom made to order to ensure the highest production quality available. Prices listed are for reference only. Actual wheel pricing will vary based on the final set configuration. Applications can be built for majority of applications. 

System Motorsports Spec - Perfectly built for the following Porsche models w/ proper brake clearance. No spacers required + flush fitment achieved every time. For a direct consultation - please email or call to speak to a technical specialist.

Fitment: 997.2 GT3, 997.2 GT3RS , 997 CL GT2RS, 997 CL Turbo (TT).

Size: 19x9 +~48 (1" lip) / 19x12 +~61 (2" lip) OR 19x9 +~48 (1" lip) / 19x12 +~48 (2.5" lip) OR 19x9.5 +~41 (1.5" lip) / 19x12 +~48 (2.5" lip) OR 19x9.5 +~41 (1.5" lip) / 19x12.5 +~42 (3" lip)

Standard finishes: Silver / Gold Face / Gloss Black

Special finishes: Satin Black 

Brake clearance: Will clear standard steel brakes + PCCBs. 

Polished Outer Lips are standard.

Actual product may vary. Pictures used for marketing purposes only.

If you have any further questions, please contact us for all further details regarding ordering/pricing info. 

Call: (510) 258-1312 (M-F 11AM - 5PM PST)