BBS LM - 20x9 / 5x114.3 - (Tesla Model 3 / Tesla Model Y Fitment) *Set of 4*

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Simplicity Plus Class - A Long-Seller Inspired by Le Mans

A vehicle gains a significant boost in stately appeal from the simple and classy styling of this wheel. Since its introduction in 1994, this wheel has remained a long-standing favorite worldwide. Originating from the BBS racing wheels utilized by teams in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, this model derives its name from the initials of that prestigious event.

Technical Details:

  • BBS LM - 20x9 / 5x114.3
  • Forged Construction
  • Recommended fitment for: Tesla Model 3/Y (SR / LR / P). Will work with a variety of other vehicles as well. Please reach out to us if unsure about compatibility.
  • Valvestems Included + Centercaps included.


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