BRIDE Digo III Light Cruz - Gradation

With the total height of the back rest reduced by 3cm, it can be installed into most cars. A slim reclining seat utilizing luxurious suede seat material.

The DIGO III LIGHT CRUZ is a comfortable basic seat model designed for long drives, with the option to attach a specialized armrest (sold separately). It prioritizes ease of boarding and exiting with a lowered knee support. The backrest and seat surface feature high-tensile netting for enveloping comfort and support while sitting. The polyurethane material used for the seat surface has been upgraded to provide a softer ride, and a utility pocket has been added to the backrest. Luxurious faux-suede fabric is used for the seat material, offering a pleasant texture and slip-resistant properties, ensuring moderate hold performance.

It has been threaded to enable easy installation of the arm rest.

The DIGOIII LIGHT CRUZ is equipped with threading to facilitate the attachment of a specialized armrest on either side of the backrest. The armrest can be conveniently installed using the main shaft provided. In the absence of the armrest, the screw part can be covered with caps for a seamless appearance. (Armrest sold separately)

Seat heater installation models can also be selected.

All models of DIGO III LIGHT can be equipped with seat heater mounted models featuring built-in heaters on the back and seat. Unlike air conditioning systems that rely on engine heat, the seat heater provides immediate warmth even during cold winters. When used in conjunction with the air conditioner, it directly warms the body from the back and seating surface, leading to rapid core body warming and reduced interior car drying. Easy installation (compatible with 12V cars only) via connection to the cigar socket allows for temperature control in two stages, enabling users to maintain their preferred temperature, making it ideal for open cars as well.

  • The seat heater unit is not available for separate purchase or post-installation.
  • It is not possible to use multiple seat heaters simultaneously.


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