BRIDE Xero VS - Gradation / Super Aramid Black Shell

BRIDE's new generation full bucket seat with high-level functionality, comfort and safety

The XERO series represents a full-bucket sports seat designed with meticulous attention to detail, reimagining shell shapes and seat materials to enhance both safety and driving comfort. Among these, the XERO VS stands out as a model equipped with the most compact head guard, prioritizing visibility and ease of boarding and exiting for street sports and public road use. Its head and side supports are designed to be compact, making it suitable for installation in vehicles with limited interior space while providing firm support for the waist and thighs. The inclusion of quilted fabric inside the knee support enhances fit and sitting comfort, reducing fatigue even during long drives such as endurance races and allowing for sustained high levels of concentration.

Available in two shell materials—FRP silver shell and Super aramid black shell—and two color variations—Gradation logo and Black—each model is FIA approved, ensuring compliance with safety standards.

Racing compact with safe and secure

The XERO VS, boasting ample safety and functionality, features a compact head guard and reduced dimensions for side support and shoulder width, making it suitable for installation in vehicles with limited interior space. Additionally, the shoulder and belt hole sections are crafted with a carbon-style pattern, striking a balance between luxury and racing aesthetics.


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