BRIDE Zieg IV Racing Bucket Seat - Red / Silver FRP Shell

The LOWMAX system for the ultimate low position and a backrest shape with a characteristic round shoulders line were adopted

ZIEG IV represents the pinnacle of full bucket seat design, meticulously crafted to prioritize both safety and optimal hold performance, drawing from extensive racing expertise and insights gleaned from professional drivers. Characterized by its deeply contoured shell and rounded backrest line, this seat envelops the driver securely, ensuring steadfast stability even during high-speed cornering or when subjected to elevated driving forces. Incorporating BRIDE's patented LOWMAX system and an egg-shaped backrest, ZIEG IV facilitates a lower seating position, enhancing visibility and positioning for an optimal driving experience.

Available in two shell materials—FRP silver shell and Super aramid black shell—and offering three color variations—Gradation logo, Black, and Red—ZIEG IV exemplifies versatility and customization. Moreover, as a FIA-approved model, it meets stringent safety standards, providing drivers with confidence and peace of mind in various racing environments.

New shell design in pursuit of functionality and utility

The design of the seat contours seamlessly from the headrest down to the back and shoulders, with special attention given to accommodating the shoulder bones. Vertical stitching on the back cushion aligns naturally with the spine, enhancing comfort and support during extended periods of use. Durable PVC leather is employed along the sides, an area prone to wear from frequent ingress and egress, showcasing a meticulous focus on detail in the overall design.

FIA approved and Conformity to the safety standard

ZIEG IV meets the safety requirements outlined in the Japanese Road Transport Vehicle Act, ensuring compliance for automobile inspections. Additionally, it has obtained certification according to the stringent "FIA8855-1999" standard established by the International Automobile Federation (FIA), allowing its use in formal international races and competitions. This certification underscores its superior level of safety, achieved through rigorous design and quality testing processes.


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