Gram Lights

Gram Lights 57FXZ - 20"

The 57FXZ, which bears the "FX" representing the next-generation flagship model and the "Z" meaning the ultimate, was developed as a successor model to the 57FXX, and has the "lightness" and "high rigidity" required for sports wheels. And, the ultimate gem that sticks to the beauty of modeling brought about by design and processing technology. Based on the face with sharp Y-shaped spoke concaves, a hole is provided at the spoke intersection of the center part and machining processing is performed around it to achieve a powerful design. Both lightness and strength are achieved by the RCF (raise cast flow forming) method that creates a tough rim. Furthermore, the flange part is machined by Rays' patented technology "AMT", and the gramLIGHTS logo shines as an accent. The 57FXZ, which has been given the pet name FASTBREAK, will emerge as a next-generation flagship model full of aggressiveness and dynamism that instantly captures and nails the heart of the viewer with "lightning fast work" as the name implies.

Color: Super Dark Gunmetal / RBC

Includes valve stem, and center cap.

Wheel is priced individually.