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P&S - Inspiration Ceramic Coating (30ml w/ Kit)

INSPIRATION Exterior Ceramic Coating offers unparalleled, long-lasting protection compared to traditional wax products. This advanced coating cures to create a solid molecular barrier, resistant to chemicals, corrosion, UV exposure, and high temperatures. It forms an impenetrable hydrophobic layer, enhancing the vehicle's defense against various elements. The kit includes a 30 ml bottle of INSPIRATION, a coating applicator, an instruction sheet, and a door jamb label. Please note that INSPIRATION Exterior Ceramic Coating is designed for professional use, and proper application procedures must be followed for optimal results. We advise against product use or application by untrained individuals. Prior to application, a thorough paint correction process and cleaning using Inspiration Prep are recommended. Please review the enclosed product training information before attempting installation.

SKU: C2630

FOR BUSINESSES: To purchase at wholesale bulk pricing, please purchase by the case, gallon, or barrel. Or reach out to us directly for wholesale quantity!